As a child, it was impossible to stop my imagination. I snuck books places to read in secret, and stayed up until all hours reading, lost in imaginary worlds. I told stories in plays and songs, and authored an endless number of books. One of my proudest moments was receiving a 1st place trophy for reading the most books of anyone in the entire third grade. Stories have always captured my heart.


Fast forward to my years as a marketing coordinator for a start-up lifestyle brand. One day as I was managing the brand's social media pages in the office, I was confronted on Facebook with a post: “If you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” At that moment I vowed to quit my job and enroll in yoga school to reconnect with my dreams and create a new path forward. My yoga practice and self-study led me back to writing and the stage, and to sharing these practices with others. 


In addition to 20+ years of acting and yoga practice with brilliant teachers I continue to study with, I am an E-RYT 500 certified yoga instructor (Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher), and hold additional specialized certifications in yin and trauma informed teaching practices. I am a lead trainer for RYT 200 training programs facilitated by BambooMove Baltimore and Breathe for Change, as well as a certified Lucid Body instructor and Director of the  Lucid Body Teacher Training Program at the Lucid Body House in New York City.

I teach students how to understand and transform the stories we embody, specifically through the lens of somatic movement and creative self-expression. It is my hope by rewriting our personal stories, we collectively rewrite the stories of our communities to create a loving and just world.


Presently, I advocate  mindful practices for social change. I am an on-going artistic collaborator with Impact Theatre, devising productions that employ a unique, theatrical catalyst for social change called the Behavior Change Process, created by Mgunga Mwamnyenyelwa and inspired by Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed.

Shayna is one of those teachers who's THERE, by your side, coaching you, guiding you, pushing you, and cheering you on. She is compassionate and discerning. Utterly herself, and the best role model you could ask for as an artist, yogi, or human. I have experienced unparalleled growth in Shayna's classroom because I feel safe to make mistakes, to make a mess, and ultimately to make magic.


Shayna is the best. The best teachers honor the legacy of yoga as a style of living, and also honor the fact that ultimately each student must learn on their own terms, through their own practice.  That's Shayna. Shayna gives you just enough teaching and inspiration to reach that deeper peace, without any sense or pretense of “supposed to” – it’s real and invigorating.


Shayna is the embodiment of an inspired spirit and through her authentic approach, she truly inspires the spirits of her students.  Shayna invites her students to show up, be vulnerable, adopt a lightness of heart, and enjoy the dance of yoga.  Students are always offered the opportunity to delve deep by way of a creativity and a sparkle that is Shayna's signature style.