Shayna is an actress and received her Master of Fine Arts in Classical Acting at The Academy for Classical Acting in partnership with Shakespeare Theatre Company and George Washington University. Presently, she is collaborating on adapting, directing, and producing ghost stories for an upcoming radio drama.

When not performing or in production, Shayna is a Lucid Body instructor and acting coach. Shayna teaches actors how to unlock, and reveal, the hidden truths of the body for effective communication, honest expression, and authentic storytelling. Shayna believes in a holistic approach to acting. It is her passion to teach actors to be fully integrated and embodied humans, on and off the stage.

In Mexico City, Shayna is on faculty at Casa Spanda and has worked with many talents, including Macarena Acahaga, Adriana Llabrés, Bárbara López, Tessa Ía, Christian Chávez, and Claudette Maillé. Shayna also coached the  television series ensembles of the shows “Desenfrenadas” (Netflix, director Diego Martínez Ulanosky) and “Claramente” (Clarovideo, directors Alfonso Pineda and Gabriela Tagliavini).

In the United States, Shayna has taught successful Lucid Body courses at Lucid Body House (New York City), Studio A Dance (Los Angeles), and Synetic Theatre (Washington, DC), and has taught under Fay Simpson (creator of Lucid Body) at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Yale School of Drama, and Stella Adler Studio of Acting New York. Shayna is also a teaching artist at Downstage Right 


Shayna is one of those teachers who's THERE, by your side, coaching you, guiding you, pushing you, and cheering you on. She is compassionate and discerning. Utterly herself, and the best role model you could ask for as an artist, yogi, or human. I have experienced unparalleled growth in Shayna's classroom because I feel safe to make mistakes, to make a mess, and ultimately to make magic.


Shayna is the best. The best teachers honor the legacy of yoga as a style of living, and also honor the fact that ultimately each student must learn on their own terms, through their own practice.  That's Shayna. Shayna gives you just enough teaching and inspiration to reach that deeper peace, without any sense or pretense of “supposed to” – it’s real and invigorating.


Shayna is the embodiment of an inspired spirit and through her authentic approach, she truly inspires the spirits of her students.  Shayna invites her students to show up, be vulnerable, adopt a lightness of heart, and enjoy the dance of yoga.  Students are always offered the opportunity to delve deep by way of a creativity and a sparkle that is Shayna's signature style.